About LA 3D Printer Repair

We've been on the scene for years, but now we're making our skills available to repair these machines; filling in the gap when you're out of warranty and manufacturer leaves you hanging!

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Our Story

We've been contributing to the RepRap movement since mid-2015 when I scored a RepRapPro Mendel Mono on Craigslist for $400, not a great deal but at the time a 3D Printer wasn't an item you could just pickup at Fry's.

Since then we've upgraded and rebuilt our "Momma" Mendel several times, printing a our second Mendel-style printer called "Auntie" who's original incarnation sadly melted in the car waiting to get shown off at a local LUG; we then rebuilt it and it's still a workhorse printer in our shop to this day.

We pay the bills with IT consulting but noticed in the summer of 2018 that there was really no independant resource out there offering 3D printer support, even though you could basically go down to the corner big-box electronics joint and get one.

We realized that even the manufacturers can only provide limited assistance from thousands of miles away beyond shipping some parts that are challenging to install for a novice even in the rare case where service documentation is made available.

Now we are at your service, to fix, tune, or build your 3D printer and get it working for you!

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