LA 3D Printer Repair

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We have been helping 3D Printer operators at all skill levels achieve high-quality output and dependable reliability for half a decade.

3D Printer Services

We provide comprehensive 3D Printer assistance:

  • Diagnostics and Repairs of failed machines.
  • Alignment and Calibration is provided on all serviced printers.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades for any 3D printer.
  • Design and Assembly of custom projects.
  • Pickup and drop-off to your location, setup and tear-down included.

Where we work

  • On-site local service throughout Southern California, including:
  • Los Angeles County, Orange County, & San Bernardino County

  • We also facilitate depot repairs, shipped to our location in Arcadia, CA and returned to you.

3D Printer Sales & Assembly

We proudly stock the Prusa MK3S, the finest desktop FDM 3D Printer on the market.

Since September 2018, we have assembled and delivered hundreds of MK3 and MK3S units to students, professionals, businesses, architects and artists who are proud to have us standing behind their purchase.

LA3DPR directy supports and provides warranty repairs and RMA services on Prusa Printers.

Repair Examples

Some specific repairs we've performed:

  • Replace Y-Axis stepper harness to eliminate skipping in a FlashForge Creator Pro.
  • Disassemble extruder to remove jammed filament in a FlashForge Creator Pro.
  • Completely remove extruder and externally heat in fixture to remove jam in Einstart S.
  • Re-align dual extruder nozzle arrangement for optimum print alignment on FlashForge Creator Pro.
  • Provide remote assistance on clearing broken filament in Prusa i3 MK3.
  • Custom Marlin configuration for any machine that runs Marlin or variant, such as the FLSun i3 Plus.
  • Replace failed thermocouple amplifier chip by hot-air rework on Zortrax M200 machine.
  • Replace damaged USB connector on Lulzbot Mini motherboard.
  • Clear out severe hotend clogging on an E3D clone.
  • Modify extruder and generate optimized slicer profile to improve PVA printing on a FlashForge Creator Pro.
  • Replace bent hotend from bed crashes on a FlashForge Creator Pro.
  • Detailed lubrication to eliminate fine print artifacts on a FlashForge Creator Pro
  • Diagnose failed hotend thermistor on a Prusa i3 MK2S
  • Rebuild an incorrectly assembled Prusa MK3 Extruder with freshly printed parts.
  • Replace thermistor and heater in a Prusa MK3 that lost a fight with a cat.
  • Perform post-assembly fine-tuning to resolve extruder issues on a Prusa MK3 kit.
  • Correct factory alignment on a Prusa MK2S kit.
  • Install MK3S Upgrade on Prusa MK3S kit. (x40)
  • Resolve homing issues on a Stratasys Eden 350V.
  • Rebuild hotend to resolve extruder issues on a Creality Ender 3.
  • Correct frame alignment and resolve printing issues on a Creality CR-10.
  • Adjust extruder to correct printing issues on a Creality CR-10X.
  • Extruder rework and firmware upgrade to improve output quality on Delta Kossel with Smoothieboard.
  • Rebuilt Tevo Little Monster with Duet Wifi electronics and Smart Effector.
  • Replace blown power supply in Anycubic i3 mega.
  • Print, assemble, and deliver 2x Prusa LACK Enclosures with MMU2S for a school.
  • Correct extruder issues on a Ultimaker 3 Extended.
  • Check out our Repair Gallery for even more examples!